Affiliate Excellence Seminars

Affiliate Excellence Seminars

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When: September 23, 2017
Where: Chicago, IL || The W Hotel



What makes a world class CrossFit® affiliate? In the words of Greg Glassman, it is “the constant and relentless pursuit of excellence.” This one-day seminar will explore the best practices that the world’s best affiliates use everyday. I'll show you how to use these practices to create excellence in your affiliate.


Over the past 10 years, I have learned a lot about about what it takes to run a successful small business. I created this program and the Affiliate Excellence Seminar to help other entrepreneurs, especially CrossFit Affiliate owners, turn their businesses into centers of excellence.

Over the course of seven hours, we'll talk about what needs to happen in order for you to say "YES" to these kinds of questions:

  • Do you have over 400 members?
  • Do you have a gym that makes over $1 million a year?
  • Do you have coaches that make $100,000?
  • Do you have athletes at the CrossFit Games every year?
  • Do you have the ability to take a 3-week vacation?

We'll do this while working on the cornerstones of the Affiliate Excellence model:

  • Build more than a gym, build a Center of Excellence.
  • Hire and train great coaches who can have a career in your business, not just a job.
  • Create a competitive advantage by becoming unique.
  • Brand your business as a leader.
  • Learn management techniques to train, motivate, systemize, and delegate.
  • Operational seamlessness means creating a business that runs itself, so you can grow it instead of working in it.