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Competitor's Programming specific to your division
40-44 · 45-49 · 50-54 · 55-59 · 60+

Every workout has a purpose. We call this the stimulus. CompTrain Masters dials in that stimulus, creating a unique program for each age bracket. Weight selections, volume, and times will all be specific to your division.

As Masters athletes, more training is not better. Better training is better.

With a thought process behind every workout -- what we call the “Master’s Mindset” -- we goal is to optimize every training session by getting the most out of every rep.

Your ticket to the Games is punched through an online competition, which means we know the movements and time domains. It means we know what to train for. 

With a balanced approach leading into the Open season, we aim to become sport-specific, priming ourselves for our annual competition. 

% of focus, by quarter

Our olympic avenue is based around optimizing our movement. Using systems and cycles to build both consistency in movement and in loading, we aim to become proficient in the C&J and Snatch.

Our stamina avenue trains our ability to plow through repetitions - also known as “Open style workouts.” In the Open, the over-arching test is our ability to cycle thrusters, burpees, toes to bar, and the like. Metabolic conditioning is a must, but the specific movement capability (such as 25 TTB per set) is our primary driver. You'll develop a stamina base through routine preparation work.

Our skills avenue will hone and train the movements that separate the good from the great in competition. Routine practice throughout the year is a must for our success.


Snatch + Squat + Gymnastics Pulling

“No Shoulders” Conditioning

Speed Olympic + Stamina Training


Conditioning (“Open” style workout)

Clean and Jerk + Squat

What CompTrain Masters Get:

Specific Warmup
Let us choose movements for you to prime your body for the day ahead.

Mobility Suggestions
Improve your positioning through a varied approach.

Coach's Notes
Each part has a purpose; the stimulus. 
In detail, described along with strategy on how to approach each workout.

Discussion Board Access and Coaches’ Email
Along with private discussion board access, you will have Direct email access for programming questions.