Taking the best practices discussed at length during the Affiliate Excellence Seminar, you'll apprentice for two days here at CrossFit New England with myself and my head coach, Harry Palley. You'll experience how a class is run from both a coach's and an athlete's perspective, you'll sit in on our weekly coach's meeting, and learn about our front desk operations, on-ramp program, the philosophy behind our programming, and much more.

$875 for a single registration, $1,500 for two from the same affiliate, & $2,250 for three. Register below.


All Current Immersions Are Sold Out.

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It's one thing to attend a seminar dedicated to what I've learned over the last 10 years of growing a small business, but it's another thing entirely to see it for yourself. After almost four years of holding seminars, I wanted to be able to offer a deeper experience; I wanted to show, not just tell. Come spend two days at CrossFit New England and see firsthand what it takes to build a Center of Excellence.


We've got a lot to cover, and not a lot of time to do it, so be prepared for two days jam-packed with participation, shadowing, coaching, conversation, and questions. 


  • 08:00 ... Meet and greet with Ben and Harry
  • 08:30 ... Take Ben’s class
  • 09:45 ... Topic: What is Affiliate Excellence?
  • 11:00 ... Topic: Class Procedures
  • 11:30 ... Observe and Evaluate the 11:30 class
  • 12:45 ... Class debrief over lunch
  • 02:30 ... You'll sit in on our weekly Coach's Meeting
  • 03:30 ... Topic: The CFNE Jump Start Program
  • 04:30 ... Review of Day 1 and looking ahead to Day 2


  • 08:00 ... Arrival at CFNE
  • 08:30 ... Observe: “Weightlifting Wednesday”
  • 09;00 ... Topic: Business Operations
  • 09:45 ... Topic: How CFNE programs for general population and elite CrossFit athletes
  • 11:30 ... You'll take class with our members
  • 12:45 ... Lunch
  • 01:45 ... Observe: Competitor's Training
  • 02:30 ... Topic: Hiring Process
  • 03:15 ... Topic: Vision/Traction Discussion
  • 04:30 ... Debrief and Q&A with Ben and Harry


+ What do I need to bring?

You should be prepared to workout, take notes, ask questions, and be on your feet most of the day. We'll provide some food in the morning and will take a trip to Whole Foods for lunch each afternoon.

+ Where do you recommend I stay?

There are a number of hotels within ten minutes of the gym. For a list, click here.

+ How much is a cab/Uber ride to CFNE from Logan Airport?

While hard to know for sure, it'll likely run you somewhere in the range of $100-$125, depending on time of day.

+ How many people per Immersion date?

We've designed the Immersion to be very hands-on, so we're limiting admission to 3 affiliates per session, with each affiliate able to bring up to three people. On average, each Immersion has 4 or 5 people.

+ Is it possible to have my own personal Immersion?

At this time, it's not.

+ I'd like to attend with my business partner and a few coaches. Is it possible to request a specific date for us that isn't currently listed?

We would consider opening up an otherwise unlisted session for three to four individuals from a single affiliate. Please note the dates would still need to fall on a Tuesday/Wednesday. If you are in this position, please use this form to contact us.