Wednesday · 06.01.16


The Power Cleans and Snatches listed below are part of a progression. Follow the designated percentages and time constraints exactly. These are not heavy lifts – they are fast. Olympic lifting is equal parts (1) Strength, (2) Technique, and (3) Speed. Use today to build the SPEED. Much like max-effort 10m sprints produce incredible speed even though they aren’t too taxing on your muscle or lungs, these lifts will do the same. Give them everything you have.

1. Barbell Conditioning

With a running clock…

A. At the 0:00
EMOMx9:  1 Power Clean at 75% 

B. At the 12:00
EMOMx9:  1 Power Snatch at 75% 

C. At the 25:00
4×20 Unbroken Dead Lifts at 225/155 for time.

2.  Conditioning

9 x 1:40 on, :20 off (2 min rest after round 5)
This is a preset WOD on the C2 Rower. Choose “Select Workout” then “Custom List” then “v1:40/20r…9”.

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