Chasing Excellence is a show dedicated to dissecting what it means to live a life of excellence, both inside the gym & out. On each episode, we'll deep dive on various aspects of running an affiliate, becoming a better coach or athlete, & maximizing your potential.

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Episode 016: How to Train with Intention

In this episode: We're talking about the difference between practice, training, & competition, & why you should go into every session at the gym knowing which mode you're in.

Episode 015: Redefining Adversity

In this episode: We talk about why a busted ACL can be a good thing, what Brent Fikowski, Tom Brady, & Katrin Davidsdottir have in common, & why you should focus less on what happens & more on how you respond to what happens.

Episode 014: Simplifying Nutrition

In this episode: We're talking about why I prefer to keep my nutritional advice simple, the value of getting blood work done, & why both quality & quantity matters.

Episode 013: Working with Members Who Compete

In this episode: We're talking about the best ways I've found to work with my members who want to compete in CrossFit, without losing their connection to our community.

Episode 012: How to Chase Happiness

In this episode: We talk about why happiness doesn't live on the other side of achievement, gratitude, & why relationships matter more than money.

Episode 011: Cole Sager

In this episode: Cole Sager stops in to talk about growing up in a small town, his football career, & the "why" behind everything he does.

Episode 010: Conditioning-Biased Programming

In this episode: We talk about the difference between programming for competitors versus members of our affiliates, the downfalls of strength-biased programming, & why less is almost always more.

Episode 009: Living Based on Core Values

In this episode: We discuss how I think about Core Values today versus how I used to think about them, & why they're so important to think about every single day.

Episode 008: Brooke Wells

In this episode: Brooke Wells stops in during a weekend of training with Ben to talk about her background, her training, & her hopes going forward.

Episode 007: Becoming a Leader

In this episode: Talking about the different levels of leadership, the definition of trust, sincere listening, & how to build a staff of strong leaders.

In this episode: Talking about goal-setting, building habits, & why you want to strive to keep the chain of success going.

In this episode: Talking about how I might guide a young athlete toward future success in the sport of CrossFit. 

In this episode: We're talking about some of the small (but important) ways CFNE shows their members they care, touching on topics like thank-you notes, what your programming says about your priorities, & the value of giving your coaches constraints.

In this episode: We're chatting about how I think about opportunities, some of the reasons we decided to cancel the East Coast Championships, & why I made the decision years ago to stop being a competitive athlete. 

In this episode: We talk about how to maximize your CrossFit Game Open. Topics include how to fit the events into your normal training schedule, what might be coming in 2017, & the value of leaderboarding.

In this episode: We look back to when CrossFit New England was first ready for us to build a coaching team, the mistakes we made while we figured that out, & what we look for in new coaching hires these days.