What it Means to Lead

It’s true that experience and a track record of success will build credibility and create more confident leaders, but it’s not your successes that people follow.

People follow leaders. People follow those that inspire with authentic passion, commitment, integrity, and an ability to connect.

They follow individuals who take stands and do the right thing regardless of how hard it may be.

Leaders don’t complain; they take ownership of their situations. Lead from the front by accepting responsibility for everything.

Leaders are genuine and speak the truth. If someone isn’t performing great, don’t say it’s great. Sugar-coating things just to make others feel good will undermine all of your feedback and lessen your ability to lead.

Leaders involve others and listen as much as they talk. They praise in public and criticize in private. They celebrate other successes like their own.

Leaders are consistent. They keep promises and are reliable.

Leaders have strong core values. They know what is truly important, what really creates success, what they have control over – and ignore the rest.

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