Two Tests to Hire Great Coaches

CrossFit Affiliates are only as good as their coaches. 

Yes, having a huge, new, tricked out building and the latest and greatest equipment are nice, but they are the icing on the cake (mmmm….cake). 

We are only as good as our coaches and that is why your members come to you. They could get some bumpers, a box, and pull-up bar and do 90% of the WODs at home, but they want what great coaches deliver.

So how do you hire GREAT coaches? This is the biggest question in our industry.

The answer is…you don’t. You hire GREAT people, and develop them into great coaches.

Resumes, certifications, credentials, experience, education…even athletic ability aren’t as important as a couple of intangibles. At CFNE we look for potential coaches to pass two hypothetical tests.

1. The Caring Test: Do they care about you? Do they care about your business? Do they care about making a difference in others lives? Do they care about their work ethic? Do they care about being the best? Basically, do they have passion?

2. The Car Ride Test: Could you take a 4-hour car ride with this person? You driving and them sitting shotgun, and have a great time. If you won’t enjoy 4 hours, you’re not going to enjoy working together for years.

It boils down to (1) do they care and (2) are they cool. 

Yes, these are intangibles, but it's the intangibles in our business that count. Not the L1 credential, not the specialty seminars, not the B.A. in Exercise Science. 

If they pass both of these test (cool and caring) you can teach them how to be a great coach (the “Development of Coaches” is a topic for another day). If they don’t pass these tests, they aren’t right for your business regardless of the other credentials they bring to the table.

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