Learn About Your Wife, Not Marriage

As entrepreneurs we've been taught that there is nothing more important than “knowing your business.” 

As CrossFit Affiliate owners, this means investing time into learning the ins and outs of gym operations: marketing, pricing, cash flow projections, lease negotiations, demographics, management, and (of course) coaching fitness, health, and wellness.

The truth is, there are more important things to know about than “your business," and that is “knowing your members.” Not in a know-who-your-target-is kind of way, but in the traditional way of “knowing” people. What do they like and dislike? What is their family life like? Do they enjoy their jobs? What are they passionate about? Can you tell when they aren’t being themselves or completely comfortable?

As Coach Glassman says, becoming a successful coach is easy: “Be totally invested in your clients; emotionally, physically and in every way possible.”

Remember, it’s better to know one thing about your wife than everything about marriage.

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