HB Unfiltered: Mistakes and Bad Decisons

Originally published on HBUnfiltered.com

By: Heather Bergeron

There's nothing quite like the feeling when you make a mistake or do something wrong, you know you need to fess up to the person who it affects, you finally build up the courage to confess to them, and they surprise you by handling it 100% better than you thought they would and saying something along the lines of "it's okay, I understand", "mistakes happen", or "we've all been there".

Now, if you're someone that makes mistakes or bad decisions on a regular basis, you're not likely hearing those responses. 

You've got to earn that open-mindedness and patience with people.  You've got to be willing to offer the same back to them, too.  And, you've got to prove that their treatment will not go to waste; you will make it up to them by not making the same mistake twice.

I don't specifically remember this being something my Dad was amazing at when I was growing up, but it's something I've noticed and completely appreciate now that I'm an adult.  Granted I didn't exactly "earn" anything from my parents as a teenager because I was such a complete nightmare, so maybe it was in the works for where I am not.

Whatever it is, I find real comfort in knowing that my father will understand if I say we can't make it down to Florida this season, if I forget to call him on his birthday, or if I lose his Neosporin that I borrowed even when he made me swear that I would not lose it and return it the next weekend we saw him.

I love when people feel like they can be honest with me when they've messed up.  I have messed up so much.  Like, more than I can even stand to think.  So, I know how scary and intimidating it can be to have to fess up, bite the bullet, and drop the truth on someone that you think you've really let down.

I don't know.  I just think it's so important that people can tell you the truth, that they can trust that you're not going to throw your boxing gloves on and be defensive, and that you ultimately just want them to be happy and know that you know they are still a good person.

People make mistakes.  And, it's like this: someone who makes a mistake and bounces back a better person is a whole lot better than a person that never makes a mistake in the first place.