Don't Look at Your Business: See It

Jon Taffer of TV’s “Bar Rescue” said one of the best pieces of advice he ever got was, “Years ago, when I was very young, a VP of Hyatt looked at me and said, ‘You look, but you don’t see.’ I learned to really see and not just look at my business. I learned to see every crack, every detail, every place setting, light fixture, and customer exchange."

Many affiliate owners only see their businesses through their own eyes. They only see the big picture. They don’t see how their customers are viewing their business, and they don’t see the tiny details that end up making big differences. They become complacent with how they are running their day-to-day operations, and aren’t stressing or searching for ways to improve every aspect of their business.

If you think you are running your business as well as you can, you're wrong. You can always improve:

  • Your website
  • The way your staff answers the phone
  • The way your staff greets members, or potential members
  • The equipment and facilities at your box
  • Your communication with your staff and members
  • Your coaches' knowledge, presence, and attitude.
  • Your documentation of systems, payroll, and procedures
  • The signage inside and outside your gym
  • The whiteboards, Leaderboards, Goals boards, calendars
  • The pictures of members in the gym
  • Your events
  • Your programming
  • The cleanliness inside and outside of your gym
  • The customer experience when they have an issue with billing, scheduling, parking, bringing a friend, memberships, etc…
  • Your hiring procedure for employees
  • The On-ramp process for members
  • The font, spacing, type and words on your blog posts

Don’t look at your business – SEE it. And see how you can improve it.

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