Complacent is the Enemy of Excellence

Complacent says: 

“This is good enough." 
"I don’t know how to make this better." 
"I don’t want to make this better." 
"I don’t need to make this better.” 

Excellence says: 

“This can be better." 
"How can I make this better?" 
"I want this to be better." 
"I need to make this better.” 

Complacent says: “That doesn’t matter.”

Excellence says: “Everything matters. Every detail. Every Interaction. Every moment is an opportunity to be better.”

Complacent is seeing things only from your point of view.

Excellence is seeing things from your customers’ points of view.

Complacent is ignoring details and focusing on urgent issues. 

Excellent is focusing on details while putting first things first.

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