In the Industrial Economy the saying was, “ABC - Always Be Closing.” 

If a prospect walks into your gym, you either sell them a membership or they sell you why they don’t need one. There is always a sale. Are you a closer or a coward?

The Industrial Age was a time defined by average products for average people. The skillful salesman was the difference maker. 

That was then, this is now. 

We now live in the Connection Economy. “ABC” still exists but “the Closer” is transparent and is no longer the difference maker, especially for those looking to create a tribe of loyal long-lasting followers. 

Today, “Closing,” has been replaced with Connecting, Communicating, and Caring. It’s not the skillful salesman that makes the difference anymore. It’s the human touch of showing you care. Can you make your customer feel important? 

If you were gone would you be missed?

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